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Honey Goddess Lifestyle

The Honey Goddess Lifestyle is for amazing women who want to increase the creativity, beauty, sexuality in their life. Although in the 1980s this lifestyle was mostly restricted to Paris, London, NYC, and the West Coast of America, in recent years, unique women all over the world have begin living this amazing way which enhances everything. Honey Goddesses enjoy their 50s, 60s, and 70s as much as they did their 20s, 30s, and 40s.

This is NOT for everyone. This is only for beautiful women who want an amazing relationship, daily orgasmic sex, and a very fulfilling lifestyle.

A Honey Goddess is a woman who is very attractive, psychologically sound, emotional stable, spiritually aware, highly sexual, and physically fit who has the Best of Both Worlds:

1. A successful, intelligent, monogamous, affluent, caring, kind, loving white boyfriend or husband (suggested ages: between 35-45)  whom she fully loves and they have a wonderful relationship together. He devotes his time, talent, and treasure to her completely. He makes sure active listening and daily, weekly, and monthly adventures are part of their life together. He is romantic and well as dominant, confident, fun. It is very common for these men to cherish, adore, and marry their honey goddess.

2. Multiple muscular and much younger (ages 18-30) black lovers in her bed that are hot, hung, and young…..without cheating.

In the Honey Goddess Lifestyle, there is no lying or cheating, as the boyfriend or husband has full knowledge of her carnal needs and usually helps his Honey Goddess find, meet, date, and fuck her dark and well endowed black lovers as part of a sexual and spiritual practice that they share together.

Generally, he is present, either watching or participating, during the passionate, primal sex which helps rejuvenation her body, her mind, her spirit. Knowing her man loves and supports her helps increase the power of the youthful energy to restore her. And being able to balance this unique lifestyle in her heart is the keystone to feminine enlightenment.

Unlike a standard cuckold relationship, there is no humiliation as the woman loves her man and just needs her BBC fix often (usually 3-5 times a week, if not daily). In fact, this sharing of other lovers for her, together, is a form of sacred sex and should be used to build, strengthen, and improve the bond of the relationship between the goddess and her white boyfriend or husband.

Honey Goddesses claim this type of relationship improves the traditional relationship 100 fold in all ways, beyond the bedroom. And only by enjoying much more orgasmic sex than a traditional relationship can provide will a woman who is ready be able to enter the path of enlightenment. This is the gift of the feminine path which was closed to Buddha and Patañjali. 

For Women Over 30

If you are not practicing meditation and yoga or enjoying a plant-based diet, you might consider this. It is much easier once one has begun the basic feminine spiritual practices to proceed to these advanced techniques. Although many wealthy and famous women in Manhattan and Hollywood have tried to emulate this lifestyle over the past 50 years, without the spiritual intent, some of the benefits are lost.

Instead, the Tantra Honey Goddess Lifestyle is for intelligent, attractive women over 30 who have done the self-work, both physical and spiritual, who are ready for bodily rejuvenation as well desire to achieve self-actualization and true enlightenment. Some believe that the best sign for being ready for this lifestyle is an indigo aura.

Unlike the other Eastern traditions, such as Hinduism and Buddhism, which view enlightenment as a path only open to males, Tantra Masters discovered over a thousand years ago that women can become enlightened, but their path is so very different. Where men need to remove the distraction of a relationship and sexuality (and become a monk or holy man), women need the opposite. Instead of removing a relationship, they require an amazing one with a younger male. Instead of stopping sexual activity, they need to have the ultimate sex life where orgasms are daily.  The problem is many women in the west try to emulate the masculine path of denial in order to become more spiritual and they find the experience empty. Once a woman understand’s her true dual nature, both a spiritual and sexual being, a goddess, she can begin achieve the oneness with the cosmos.

The Honey Goddess Lifestyle is more than just a lifestyle, it is part of a full relationship and amazing spiritual practice that involved sacred sex.

Besides a path to true enlightenment, while still in your body, the psychological and physiological benefits of the Tantra Honey Goddess Lifestyle for women include:

  • wrinkles diminish on the face
  • buttocks becomes rounder, fuller, like a young woman
  • breasts become larger, firmer
  • weight loss until one reaches ideal weight and set-point
  • fit, curvy body returns
  • cellulite melts away
  • joints become much more flexible
  • body begins to look 10-20 years younger
  • a sense of serenity, happiness within every moment
  • libido increases
  • sexual fulfillment becomes the norm

Most women involved in the lifestyle are amazed at the changes as the transformation is nothing that can be done via nutrition, exercise, vitamins, or other supplements (although, of course, these help). Women in their late 70s often look, act, and feel like a woman in her early 50s once they have engaged in the Honey Goddess Lifestyle for a few years.